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Managerial manager

Yasaka Koga

Business owning

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo1-8-3 Marunouchi Trust Tower Main Building20Floor

Business person contact information

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About selling price

Displayed amount (display price/Consumption tax.

Payment method and timing of price

■ Payment method

·credit card

Paidy(Corporation, which is a settlement type specialized companyPaidyPaidyYou can use the settlement agent system of), and you can pay for a monthly for a month in the next month. ) 

■ Payment time

Payment will be determined at the time of product order confirmation.

Paidy: Monthly invoice confirmation for months at the end of month Next month1Issue an invoice on the day,3By dayEEmail·SMS(Short message) There is information on it. The payment method is a convenience store payment (convenience store installation terminal), bank transfer and direct debit. The payment date is for convenience store payment and bank transfer10It will be until the day. In the case of fund transfer12Day*It will be withdrawn. However,1Month·5Monthly20Day*It may be. A fee will be incurred by monthly payment (billing) by payment method. In the case of convenience store payment356Circles (tax included) and transfer fee will be charged by bank transfer. For account transfer, payment fees will not occur. Questions about post-payment details etc. Please contact us for products and shipping to each settlement multi-line specialist.

Explanation of rates other than product value

· Shipping: National uniform770Yen (tax included)

· Tax included 10,000Buy over Yen: Free Shipping

· Credit card payment fee: Free

paidySettlement fee:<Convenience store> 356Yen (tax included)

Terms of delivery of services or products

After receiving the delivery request5We will ship within the business day. In the case of reservation sales,2We will deliver within month. Specifically, please check the delivery start schedule of each product page.

Matters concerning special contract for returns

Exchange and return can not be performed unless there is a defect in the product.

If there is any deficiencies or damage during delivery,

After product arrival,14Contacting within the day,

Please send the product to the address specified by the Company promptly.

Shipping costs will be borne by the Company and will be replaced with good products.

※ If there is a defect in the product, in principle, it will be replaced with non-defect and will not respond to returned goods.

14You can not accept exchange and return if you go beyond the day.